Best Circuit Simulation Software for Beginners:
to starting with schematic & PCB Design


🤔 Why Circuit Simulation Software?

Circuit simulation software plays a Important role in Circuit design and development process. These software will help you to create a prototype of the circuit. You can able to understand how it will work. As a beginner, sometime you may not have all the Electronics Component/ Tool you need. In this case you can done this with simulation software. I discovered some of the best simulation software for the beginners.

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How simulation software works?

🏗️ Model Creation: First step of simulation software is create a model that represent the real world system. This model is build using Math equation & algorithms.

🔨 Input Data and Parameters: Simulation software requited input data. By these input data, Software will run simulation. Input should me based on real data. There is some factor: initial conditions, environmental factors, system configurations etc.

🏃🏻Simulation Execution: After creating a schematic you can run this on the simulation software. In execution will work like, real device

📈 Output Analysis and Visual: After the simulation, the software will give date.  By data we can analysis and visualize the model. How it will work.

1. EveryCircuit:

If you want me suggest you a software to start with, I will tell you start with EveryCirtuit.

Because of, it’s beginner friendly simulation experience. I am also start with Everycircuit. It’s UI is amazing.

Want to make a circuit? Just pick your Mobile. That’s easy. I have a video on this, How to use Everycircuit?

If you haven’t used before i Recommend trying it out.


  • Where is the current flow is going.
  • Easily add device on circuit.
  • Mobile responsive
  • Visualize every point of the circuit


  • It’s premium (Should have free edition)
  • Components are limited.

Though it’s premium I think if you explore you will find student edition. or free trial. Then purchase (its worth it)

💰 Price: 15$ Lifetime

🤔 Rating: 4.2

Link: (Available on 📱 APK, 🍏 ios & 🌐 Web)

2. Tinkercad Circuit:

When starting circuit, some us looking for a 3D looking software. That’s every component look like real world!

💡 In this case TinkerCad is the one.

TinkerCad is a web-based tool developed by Autodesk. This well-known for it’s 3D capabilities. It’s very easy to work with, you have to just drag and drop.

This is made for beginners, it has some project like potato battery, 9v better (some easy components) etc.


  • 3D looking environment,
  • It’s free.
  • Easy to share project & great community.
  • Student friendly.


  • Heavy software(take lots of time to load).
  • Have to be online. No offline version.

💰 Price: Free

🤔 Rating: 4.9

Link:  (🌐 Web)

3. Proteus:

Proteus is widely use in the electronics industry. It’s like all in one software. You can do:

PCB design, Circuit Simulation, Programming and many more.

The problem is, The interface is not good at all… Not beginner friendly. It’s like do many things but nothing professionally.

But this is widely use so you will find tutorial in Online platform.

💰 Price: There are many pricing plan. $35 per month is popular ****

🤔 Rating: 3

Link: (Available 🖥️ windows pc)

(Before buying, Please try free trial you like it or not)

4. NI Multisim:

NI Multisim, also known as National Instruments Multisim, is a powerful and versatile circuit simulation software widely used by engineers, educators, and students in the field of electronics.

I think it is little bit for Professional use, But you can do some basic work.

In my opinion, We should start with basic software is fine, But we need to switch a professional software. As soon as possible.

Those who are looking for a Industry standard product this is the one.


  • Pricing is bit high
  • Not much tutorial available in internet.

💰 Price: $1,869

🤔 Rating: 3.8

⚓ Link: (Available on APK, ios & web)

So, That’s it.

These are my list. If are looking for one.. Plese try one.


Hope you will find yours.

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